19 de junio del 2023
Deep Learning: Practical Strategies for Designing and Implementing Student-Centered Learning


This workshop will draw on the most current research on student learning and more than two decades of classroom experience by the workshop leader to provide practical strategies for designing and implementing a deep learning focused, student-centered classroom. Participants will learn how research on effective student learning and developmental psychology can shape the design of their courses. Practical strategies for implementing active learning exercises and activities calibrated to undergraduate students while modeling professional work expectations will be explored as well as how to build outcome-based outputs that are AI resistant. Applications of student-centered learning frameworks and strategies to current and future courses will also be discussed. Participants are asked to bring a sample syllabus for an active course to the workshop as a foundation for exploring how these strategies can be applied.


Samuel R. Staley, PhD, is the director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center and Teaching Professor in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. He has methodically and intentionally “flipped” all his courses to promote deep learning using an active, immersive, student-centered learning model. He has not taught a conventional lecture course since 2015 when he successfully flipped courses in land use, housing, and regulation and economic development. He has used the student centered learning model to build an internship program that has graduated more than 230 students since he established the program in 2012, and served as the co-chair of the curriculum development committee for the social entrepreneurship track for the newly established Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship at FSU in 2016.

CoLab, 1st floor of the Academic Building 

FEE – Q300

Desde el lunes 19 de junio del 2023 hasta el lunes 19 de junio del 2023
de 01:00 p. m. a 04:00 p. m.