23 de octubre del 2023
Facilitating Co-Creation Training

How can we actively involve and empower attendees to enhance their learning and create value in an event or workshop?

What strategies can we implement to foster a collaborative and productive atmosphere for co-creation and problem-solving in meetings?


Do you believe that freedom and collaboration are at the heart of problem-solving and innovation?

Join the «Facilitating Co-Creation» training and transform your meetings and events!



During this 4-day training, you will learn how to facilitate meetings, events, and co-creation forums. The training is experiential and practical, and you will learn by observing, practicing, giving and receiving feedback, and reflecting. 


By the end of the training, you will have: 

  • designed the agenda for a meeting, project, or conference, 
  • practiced facilitation skills such as listening attentively, formulating activating questions, questioning and integrating multiple perspectives as they arise,
  • facilitated a brainstorming session,
  • organized and facilitated a co-creative forum or “unconference”.
  • set up and facilitate a booth or topic station at any kind of meeting,
  • reflected on how to generate an environment that inspires trust and safety, and promotes co-creation,
  • reflected on the facilitator’s role,
  • practiced how to make thinking visible and help other people download their ideas,
  • practiced pitching,
  • set up a collaborative learning environment and a productive workstation.


The training is facilitated by UFM facilitators: Helmuth Chavez, Hugo Diaz, Pablo Velasquez, Isabel Moino, Stefany Bolaños, Carmen Rodriguez and Monica Zelaya. 


Practical information:

When? 4 days

October 2023 training: 

  • Monday 23 – 8:30 a. m. – 4:00 p. m. (7.5h)
  • Tuesday 24 – 8:30 a. m. – 4:00 p. m. (7.5h)
  • Wednesday 25 – 8:30 a. m. – 4:00 p. m. (7.5h)
  • Thursday 26 — 9:00 a. m. – 5:00 p. m. (8h)


Where? Universidad Francisco Marroquín


About the co-creation format:

The co-creation process, developed by UFM, utilizes principles of self-organization to create an engaging and dynamic environment for all participants. The format focuses on utilizing dispersed knowledge, experience, and engagement of participants to achieve desired outcomes and create value. It is highly flexible and able to adapt to challenges and opportunities as they arise. The process encourages the full participation of all attendees to leave no potential untapped. For a deeper understanding of the format, please refer to the provided link and watch the Antigua Forum video.



What our participants say about the training:


At the last co-creation training at UFM, I was once again reminded about the magic of UFM. I left the training with a much bigger bag of tools to use in every aspect of our co-creation events, from planning to execution to follow-up. In the very next event we conducted, we tried a new venue because we wanted to approximate the vibe of the CoLab. When I had to step in last-minute as a facilitator at that event, I felt totally confident that I could support my project owner and ensure that her experience was productive. I can’t say enough about the impact of the training, the tools shared with us, and the absolutely amazing team at UFM.

– Jennifer Thompson, State Policy Network, Project Director LaunchPad


My experience at the training was AMAZING! I was able to really focus and immerse myself in the training, the process, and absorb all of the info and techniques. We had very skilled and knowledgeable instructors and a very open and willing group of trainees which made the environment comfortable and trusting from the start. I found that the days seemed to fly by because they were both well-organized and full of fun, energy, excitement, creativity, and thought-provoking conversations. I learned SO much and am eager to put my facilitator skills to use in a variety of ways.

– Jennifer Briggs,  Creative Manager at the School of Innovation, Texas A&M


Fee: USD $3000 

*Early bird: USD $2500 

The fee includes breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks, and all workshop materials.

*Early bird ends on September 30th.


If you are a UFM professor, student, or admin, please apply using this form

Desde el lunes 23 de octubre del 2023 hasta el jueves 26 de octubre del 2023
de 08:30 a. m. a 04:00 p. m.