19 de septiembre del 2018
Workshop: Team-Based Learning. Getting Started and Advanced

Team-Based Learning (TBL)

Team-based learning es una metodología didáctica que logra un gran involucramiento de los estudiantes y un aprendizaje profundo de los temas estudiados, así como el desarrollo de una serie de habilidades claves.

En los últimos dos años más de 110 profesores y auxiliares en la UFM aprendieron con mucho éxito y gran satisfacción en los talleres con Julie.

“I teach mathematics and have found it difficult to find a collaborative teaching method  that I can apply in my classes. With great joy I see that TBL is a teaching method that I can use in my classes in the future. I am sure that this new method will help improve the learning of my students.”


“Considering that nowadays teamwork is one of the most important skills employees are looking for, this can be an excellent methodology to prepare our students for real life.”


“We learned a lot and were able to gain a solid rock structure for collaborative learning that students and professors can fill up with a diverse and creativity content.”


“This is maybe the best workshop that I have taken related to education. The structure of the topics and the facilitation by Julie were outstanding.”

Julie M. Estis, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is Director of the TeamUSA Quality Enhancement Plan—a campus-wide initiative focused on using Team-Based Learning (TBL) at the University of South Alabama (USA) to improve student learning, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Appointed to the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology faculty in 2004, she brings valuable expertise as a teacher, researcher, and faculty leader.


Descripción y objetivos del taller

Getting Started with TBL (8h)

In this interactive workshop, faculty will gain the background and tools needed to effectively implement Team-Based Learning (TBL) in their courses. TBL is a collaborative learning approach with a specific sequence of individual work, teamwork, and immediate feedback. Students hold each other accountable for coming to class prepared and contributing to discussion. Workshop participants will learn the basic components of TBL and develop course activities based on desired student learning outcomes.

Advanced TBL Workshop (4h)

Faculty who have been previously trained in TBL will work in teams to enhance their skills for implementing TBL. Participants will expand their skills for developing effective TBL course modules and for creating and facilitating application activities.

People can appeal to the certificate Fundamentals of TBL (Common Collaborative) if they participate both in the Getting Started and the Advanced Workshop.



*All workshops will be held in English



$300 per person, full 12 hr workshop;

$100 para profesores y auxiliares de la UFM.

*coffee break included in the morning workshop fee. Lunch is included in the afternoon workshop.

Desde el miércoles 19 de septiembre del 2018 hasta el viernes 21 de septiembre del 2018
de 08:00 a. m. a 12:00 p. m.
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