11 de septiembre del 2023
Conference: Fireside chat: Race Car vs. Slow Learners

Whether you’re an educator, student, parent, or professional, this fireside chat offers valuable takeaways to enhance your approach to education, work, and more.

In this fireside chat, Barbara Oakley will draw upon her extensive expertise in learning, neuroscience, and education to facilitate a meaningful conversation around the challenges faced by individuals who may be considered “slow learners” in various contexts. We will address common misconceptions, debunk stereotypes, and delve into strategies that can empower all learners to thrive.


Investment: $25
Location: Colab, First floor, Academic Building, Calle Manuel F. Ayau (6 Calle final), zone 10
Desde el lunes 11 de septiembre del 2023 hasta el lunes 11 de septiembre del 2023
de 05:00 p. m. a 06:00 p. m.