13 de septiembre del 2023
Workshop: Neuroscience Unleashed: Empowering STEM Educators

«Deficiencies of innate ability may be compensated for through persistent hard work and concentration. One might say that work substitutes for talent, or better yet that it creates talent.«

Discover the power of learner-centered methods in STEM education. Join Barbara in this workshop to learn practical research-based strategies for designing and teaching STEM courses. Overcome challenges like student resistance and unlock improved learning outcomes. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your students’ learning by integrating traditional and innovative techniques!

Investment: $40
Location: Colab First floor, Academic Building, Calle Manuel F. Ayau (6 Calle final), zone 10
Desde el miércoles 13 de septiembre del 2023 hasta el miércoles 13 de septiembre del 2023
de 01:00 p. m. a 04:00 p. m.