8 de septiembre del 2023
Workshop: Learning How to Change

«The Law of Serendipity: Lady Luck favors the one who tries.«

Join Barbara Oakley, renowned educator and bestselling author, in this transformative workshop for senior executives. Adapt, grow, and thrive in a dynamic business landscape. Gain the tools to unlock your potential and confidently navigate change.

Through interactive sessions, discussions, and activities, Barbara Oakley will guide your personal and professional growth. Benefit from her research on learning and neuroplasticity as she shares practical insights and evidence-based techniques to overcome mental barriers and embrace new opportunities.

Investment: $100
Location: Colab, First floor, Academic Building, Calle Manuel F. Ayau (6 Calle final), zone 10
Desde el viernes 8 de septiembre del 2023 hasta el viernes 8 de septiembre del 2023
de 04:00 p. m. a 06:30 p. m.