5 de septiembre del 2023
Workshop: Uncommon Sense Teaching: Effective Teaching & Learning, Insights from Neuroscience

«Neuroscientists have made enormous strides in understanding the brain and how we learn, but little of that insight has filtered down to the way teachers teach. Uncommon Sense Teaching applies this research to the classroom for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in improving education.«

Learning has evolved through history. Today, teachers face challenges due to online education and information availability. Discover how to overcome these obstacles with uncommon sense teaching, leaving remarkable impressions on students of all ages, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Investment: $80
Location: Carl Menger Socratic classroom  Academic Building, A-701 Calle Manuel F. Ayau (6 Calle final), zone 10
Desde el martes 5 de septiembre del 2023 hasta el martes 5 de septiembre del 2023
de 07:00 a. m. a 10:30 a. m.