22 de julio del 2021
Workshop: Questions in the Classroom

Participants from the previous workshop with Steven said: 

Steven is the guru of questions. This workshop will definitely help you as a professor to better help your students by having a deep understanding on how to ask a great question and providing good answers. – Stefany Bolaños, profesor, FCE 

Steven is an outstanding human being and facilitator! The workshop is engaging, emotional, and really inspiring. If you think you know how to ask questions, this experience might change your mind. It felt like upgrading my IOS on asking questions. – Isa Moino, profesor, CoLab


How do we craft the questions that help our students learn?

This year, UFM is celebrating its 50 year anniversary! Our birthday campaign is centered around questions to spark curiosity and discovery, challenge the status quo, innovate, and inspire us to continuously listen and learn.

In this conversation with Professor Steven Tomlinson we’ll explore the following questions:

  • How do we find the question that prompts discovery without leading?
  • How do different kinds of questions work in the classroom?
  • How do yes/no and other challenging questions work?
  • When are open questions better?


Thursday, July 22 

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM (Guatemala Time)

Live Online vía Zoom 

Steven Tomlinson, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Leadership and Administration at Seminary of the Southwest and a Founding Master Teacher at the Acton School of Business for Entrepreneurship. He coaches and consults with Wall Street, Fortune 500 and high-tech start-up executives and managers on leadership and communication strategy. He taught economics and finance at The University of Texas at Austin for 17 years, where he designed and directed the MBA professional development program. He is also an accomplished playwright and performer. His award-winning solo shows have been produced in Austin and off-Broadway.

Intended Audience
This workshop is designed for faculty members who want to learn how to ask better questions to improve their work and become lifelong learners.

Number of participants

Because of our limited spots available, you are invited to apply for this session.
*Applications are open through July 14.

Type: Workshop
Format: Live Online vía Zoom 
Duration: 1.15 hours 
Investment: Q350

*If you are not part of UFM faculty, please apply here

Desde el jueves 22 de julio del 2021 hasta el jueves 22 de julio del 2021
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